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Graduated Students

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  1. Ms. Shariat, S. "Energy Management & Planning of a Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid", Jan. 2017.

  2. Mr. Zehtab, S.,"Gas and Electricity Networks Co-Planning in Microgrid Generations", Sep. 2016. 

  3. Ms. Mirahmadi, F.,"Optimal application of Electric Vehicles Based on Cost-Worth Analysis", Jan. 2016.

  4. Ms. Tavakoli, S., "Optimal Employment of Energy Storage Systems in Energy Hubs", Sep. 2015.

  5. Mr. Azad, H. "Development of Smart Charger for Off-grid Inverters", Sep. 2015.

  6. Mr. Aziz Nezhad, V. "Optimal Compressed Air Energy Storage Designing for PV Farm", Jan. 2015.

  7. Mr. Motaee, S. "Modeling & Analysis of CAES Considering Reliability", Jan. 2015.

  8. Mr. Shahmohammadi, A. "Electric Converter Development for PEM Fuel Cell", Sp. 2014.

  9. Mr. Hamedi, A. S., "Battery Application in Renewable Systems Considering Reliability", Sep. 2014.

  10. Mr. Barmayoun, M. H., "Energy Hub Development in Residential Areas", Sep. 2013.

  11. Mr. Angize, F., "Optimal Demand Response Application", Jan. 2014.

  12. Mr. Kamiri, S. A., "Risk Management for DG Owners", Sep. 2013.

  13. Mr. Ebrahimi-Telemkhan, J., "Design and Development of Power Inverter for Renewable Energy Resources", Sep. 2013.   

  14. Mr. Ashkan Sadeghi-Mobarake, "Optimal DG Contract Pricing for Iran", Sharif University of Technology, Oct. 2012

  15.  Ms. Sude Negarestani, "Optimal Fast Charging Station Design for Hybrid Vehicles", Sharif University of Technology, Oct. 2012

  16.  Mr. Saber Arabi, "Optimal PV-FC Hybrid System Operation", Urmieh University, May 2012

  17.  Mr. Amin Joudzade, "BMS Design for SERI Building", Sharif University of Technology, Jan. 2012

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