• Ph.D. 2009

    Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

    Sharif University of Technology, Iran and Grenoble University, France

  • M.S. 2003

    Electrical Engineering

    Sharif University of Technology

  • B.S. 2001

    Electrical Enegineering

    Isfahan University of Technology

Iran Energy Master Plan Studies (in Persian/Farsi)

Dr. Y. Saboohi,
Reprt N/A, 1994



This report, presented in Persian gives the results of first I.R. Iran Energy Master Plan Studies.

Professional Experience

  • [StartDate]-[EndDate]


  • 2017-Now
    Executive Vice President at IT Center

    Managing daily operations

    Supervising the renovation and modernization of university's software and hardware infrastructure

    Leading the development of software systems and services aimed at improving organizational efficiency

  • 2016-Now
    Postdoctoral Researcher at ICTIC

    Developing cloud based Data Analytics services

    Providing Mobile Analytics solutions to developers

  • Summer '14
    Research Intern

    Lead a research project on the extraction of user expertise from command trace data

    Worked on several phases of the project such as data sanitization, statistical analysis, and visualization

  • 2004-14
    Web developer

    I often make websites, sometimes for my friends and family, and sometimes as a job. It helps me improve my HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Skills.

    Examples include:

    • and (this site).
    • Royan Proteomics website for “Royan Institute”
    • Iranian Proteomics Archives for “Agricultural and Biotechnological Research Institute of Iran”
  • 2008-10
    Systems Analyst
    I was a Systems Analyst at the Secretariat of the Expediency Discernment Council (SEDC). My main task was to analyze the current state of computer systems and network at SEDC and to design and propose further improvements to increase productivity. During this time I also took part in the development of the SEDC IT Master Plan.
  • 2007-08
    Software System Developer

    Designed and developed a customized bookstore retail POS & inventory software

    Due to the wide of variety of KFA’s demands, a unique and comprehensive POS and inventory system was needed for its 200+ sales branches spread across the country

    The system expedited handling customers’ requests, which resulted in more than 30% increase in sales when utilized at KFA booths in Iran’s International Book Fair 2008

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